Roll Up Shutters

These Roll-Up Shutter systems offer complete storm protection, security and noise reduction capabilities for any window or door opening. Mounted on the outside, these custom designed shutter systems can be installed on new construction, or retro-fitted on existing structures.

They are also often used to close up doorways and can be installed as counter top shutters for security and privacy for outdoor kitchens and concession windows. Pharmacies use Roll Up Shutters for their required security and patient privacy.

A Roll-Up Shutter’s “curtain” consists of interlocking horizontal elements of extruded aluminum. These shutter systems can be easily controlled from the interior or exterior of the structure using a manual hand crank or electric motor and can even be controlled with a wireless. remote control.

Nu Code Shutters’ newest Roll Up Shutter can extend up to 20′ wide and it can even be operated by simply pulling it down or pushing it up (similar to a mini storage roll up door). This shutter also has the most smallest box of any roll shutter system. A 17 foot tall shutter only requires an 8 inch box.

Roll Up Shutters may be rolled to any desired position: entirely open for an unobstructed view, ventilated to allow for filtered light, or completely closed to block out the elements. Versatile and adaptable, these Roll-Up Shutters can be custom designed to meet your specifications and have been approved by all building codes.

Because of the ability to operate them from the interior of the building Roll-Up Shutters are a great choice for dormers or other second story windows which cannot be accessed from the exterior.