Rated Bahama Shutters

This tropic Aluminum Bahama Shutter offers complete security as well as authentic styling that was inspired by the architecture of the Islands. The Bahama Shutter is made of all extruded aluminum. It offers strength without compromising on beauty and enhances the aesthetics and value of any home or business.

Not only does this Bahama Shutter offer privacy, light control and ventilation, but it also protects the structure against heavy rains and damaging winds. Each Bahama Shutter features fully adjustable telescoping arms for maximum or minimum shading.

These Nu Code Shutters’ Bahama Shutters are HURRICANE RATED in the way they are installed as well as in their design and configuration. They are available with FIXED Louvers or the new ADJUSTABLE Louvers for maximum view and ventilation.  Our new Adjustable Louver Bahama Shutters are available with 2” blades or 4” blades for maximum visibility.

Any of our Aluminum Bahama Shutters can be manufactured as louvered panels for use as equipment enclosures, gates and many other commercial and residential applications.