Flexible Hurricane Screens

Nu Code Shutters is proud to be the first authorized dealer in the State of Louisiana for Armor Screen® the manufacturer of our new product The Flexible Hurricane Screen. These are just some of the advantages of this patented, innovative, and economical alternative to traditional rigid hurricane protection.

Allows Natural Light In…So You Can See Out!
Most hurricane protection solutions are completely solid – blocking all outside light. When they are installed, occupants can feel trapped and isolated. The Flexible Hurricane Screen is constructed of densely porous material that allows natural light in, so you can see out.

Entrance-ways Can Be Left Open Until The Last Minute!
Due to the ease and method with which the Flexible Hurricane Screen is installed, entrance-ways can be left open until the last minute. If a fire or other life-threatening emergency occurs while occupants are in the structure, they can easily exit the building. Once the storm passes, business and other activities can resume quickly.

The Lightest Hurricane Protection System!
The Flexible Hurricane Screen weighs 90 percent less than aluminum. Its light weight, along with its flexibility, make it extremely easy to store. Just fold it up and place it inside the bags provided. The Flexible Hurricane Screen is made from a geotextile, engineered to resist the damage caused by ultraviolet light and natural biological and chemical effects. When stored for extended periods, the Hurricane Screen requires no maintenance or upkeep.

System Lends Itself to a Wide Array of Applications
The Flexible Hurricane Screen’s flexible material lends itself to a wide array of applications. The product can be used to protect windows and doors. But that’s just the beginning. It is easily able to cover large areas, and works on glass walls, porches, overhead doors, entrance-ways, arches, and many other exposures.

Architects and engineers select the Flexible Hurricane Screen because it offers great freedom of design.