Aluminum Storm Panels

These Removable Aluminum Storm Panel Shutters offer the maximum storm protection at the lowest possible cost. The light-weight, re-usable aluminum panels are easy to install. The panels overlap each other. Depending on the application and the wall surface, they can be installed vertically or horizontally.

On Horizontal and Vertical installations where no tracks are used, a male or female fastener is permanently installed and is used to hold the panels in place when they are installed.

On Vertical Installations where tracks are used, the extruded aluminum header and sill tracks may be permanently attached to the structure, or can be made removable (depending on the wall surface). They simply slip up into a header channel and then secure into the lower studded angle sill track using wing nuts.

Removal of the panels is just as easy and they can be stored out of the way until needed. They stack easily and require minimal storage.

These Aluminum Storm Panels have been designed and tested to meet the stringent Dade County, Florida building codes.

Clear Lexan Panels can be inserted between the Aluminum Panels to allow extra light.